TRENDSETTER AVE was founded by one girl and her dream in the fashion industry. 

Growing up low-income, and the eldest daughter of teenage immigrants made my dreams unattainable - you could say. At an early age I learned that pursuing fashion wasn’t an option for me. I was expected to fulfill my parents dreams, be a role model for my siblings, and attend a 4-year university, rather than a fashion institute in New York (as I always dreamt of).

I was to live the American dream for my parents which meant giving up on my ‘silly’ fashion dreams to pursue a college education with a 9-5 job, which my family believed was the only way to be successful in America. This meant suppressing my fashion dreams and career aspirations.

4 years and 2 college degrees later, I have done everything my family envisioned for me. I decided it was time to chase my lifelong dreams and make my way into the fashion industry.

TRENDSETTER AVE was born. Inspired by girls like me, for girls like you.